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by | May 11, 2021

This letter is a brief exploration around the topic of action that also inspired me to create a short meditation. Just for you.

The link to this littl’ gift is at the end of the page, in three languages: English, Schwyzerdütsch et français. Nisargadatta Maharaj, an Indian guru of the doctrine of Advaita Vedānta, or non-duality, who wrote the book ‘I am that’ said:

“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.


”One thing I got curious about over the last few months is the difference between acting to get something and acting simply for the action’s sake. Let me explain: we often act with a specific goal in mind. To get more money, more power, recognition, etc. Often these actions don’t come out of themselves, we provoke them, or even force them. A non-harming action – in my opinion – would present itself to us. It is something that comes from the heart and is detached from any longing. Not only does acting in that way prevent from being disappointed, it also teaches one to be more present. Probably, you read that quote already: “Who hurt you ? My own expectations.

”To write this letter, I also draw some of my inspiration from the Bhagavad-Gita (the central part of the epic poem Mahabharata, one of the fundamental writings of Hinduism), from which I wish to share these two verses:

“You have the right to your actions ; but never to your actions’ fruits. Act for the action’s sake. And do not be attached to inaction.”

“This is how actions were done by the ancient seekers of freedom. Follow their example ; act, surrendering the fruits of action. ”


A very telling image for me is that of the plant or the foetus. Everything I do to make that plant or foetus grow, I do with immense love, care, gentleness and attention. The “how” (in the now) is essential, yet I will never know the outcome. Indeed, I can’t force the plant to blossom or the baby to be born. I have to trust and let things happen (life?). We were taught very well how to push and force in order to get what we want – our whole system is built around this. Isn’t learning to trust, to care and to let go as important ?

Aren’t power and softness – pushing and letting go – or doing and being the two sides of the exact same coin ? I feel, we are in a moment where we need to learn the softer part. And as such, listening and silence are wonderful ways to develop these capacities. It’s not easy and it takes time but in order to recreate balance, I feel it’s essential.

Let me end this letter with a question for you: do most of your actions emerge from fear or from love ?

Warmly, Monique

Ps one: fancy a gentle inward journey between wisdom and love ?

Here is the link to the meditation: EnglishSchwyzerdütsch et français. Or on spotify.

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