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by | Jul 8, 2022

Listening to life.

For me, listening to life means feeling, sensing, perceiving. I listen with all my senses: my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my hands, my ears… my whole body is present when I listen.

In this very spontaneous little text, I am having fun and trying to elaborate a little.


The importance of the body.

For me, as a human, the body is the most important ‘element’ I have been given to live with. If I have a body, it’s clearly not for nothing so I might as well give it my full attention. By this I don’t mean unhealthy, self-centred attention, but deep, caring attention. Many people never feel anything or very little – they live in their heads most of the time. But why then would we have been given a body?

I am convinced that it is through the body that life can be sensed, and that life seeks to express itself through the body. If there is one thing, I wish I would never regret, it is not to have felt, breathed, touched, captured, … everything else is of the order of the non-living in my opinion (of the concept).


Let life do you.

The words I use are important. It is not a question of looking, but of seeing, the smallest details and even of letting the details see me, enter me, penetrate me. Just as you don’t listen to music, you let the sound penetrate you. Try once to be listened by the music and not the other way around.


To be able to capture the world and life in this way, the body must be open and relaxed. In this sense, the “work” is to let go of fears, the will to control, the need to make sense.


I say “work” but I no longer believe that you have to read a thousand philosophical books, go to fifty personal development conferences or be an experienced yogi “to achieve” this. No, it takes patience and listening and, above all, gentleness. And … of course, to explore and LIVE 😊


I try more and more to let go of methods, dogmas, injunctions. Going towards simplicity, without losing myself in attempts to explain or the will to understand. Just staying open and welcoming what is. The body is my guide, it is my compass. It’s very simple actually (the head doesn’t like simple things very much 😉 ). The more I listen to it, the more I see where it blocks, where it needs attention and where it is fluid etc.


The famous “work” then consists in going into these blocked spaces, observing them, and giving them time… accompanying them so that they too can relax.


What do you want to be in your life ?

Once someone asked me what I wanted to be in my life and I answered very spontaneously: open. I thought it was a strange answer, but in the end I like it. When I leave, I’d like to feel that I didn’t remain closed to life, to everything it offered me, and to be happy to have opened up and let life flow through me. To leave proud of having worked to put love into my fears and blockages, because yes, it’s quite a job ! 😊


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My name is Monique, I am a coach and mindfulness teacher. Passionate about the heart-body-spirit connection, I help you tune into your body and tame its messages.

Highly sensitive, I have been working for more than twelve years on my own ‘reconnection’… the encounter with oneself is infinite… it is my passion, my life. 

Are you highly sensitive person? Do you feel lost? Do you feel you have lost yourself in the external demands, what others, the world, expect of you? Would you like to rediscover yourself and develop your ability to connect with your intuition in order to doubt less and finally feel what is good for you and be more peaceful?

With practical tools (coaching, mindfulness, yoga), but also through the reading of the messages of the subtle body, I accompany you to recover confidence, clarity and serenity. 

Tame, embody and share you uniqueness. The world needs you more than ever!

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