What is high sensitivity?

High sensitivity is not an illness or a mental disorder, but a different sensitivity of the central nervous system, present in around 20% of the population. 

According to Elaine N. Aron, psychologist and researcher, recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on the topic, high sensitivity is a genetically determined type of temperament. 

It can lead you to live with the pain of feeling misunderstood because your functioning is different from others. This lack of understanding leads the affected individuals to see themselves as abnormal and thus to feel pathologically unstable.

In reality, the highly sensitive person is endowed with the ability to feel what others do not feel and to perceive what others do not perceive. The five senses are more developed. What’s more, these people also develop a strong sixth sense, which is intuition.

Most people go through life without ever knowing that they are an HSP and without being able to harness this ‘power’ properly.

Take the quiz here to find out if you’re a highly sensitive person.

Being highly sensitive becomes a problem if you…

  • are overwhelmed and ruled by your emotions.
  • overthink and often feel anxious.
  • regularly feel misunderstood, lost, and alone.
  • don’t dare to set and express boundaries because of guilt, shame or fear of rejection.
  • find it hard to know what you want and need, and to make decisions.
  • have a hard time connecting with what really brings joy into your life.
  • compare yourself to others and don’t feel good enough.
  • judge yourself very harshly and have a low self-esteem.
  • over adapt to others by fear of rejection (people pleasing).
  • feel drained after social events.
  • even though you have a lot of ideas, your perfectionism prevents you from stepping into action.
  • have negative thoughts and ‘dark’ moments.
  • control and judge your body.

These are only some of the many challenges that HSP face. If you’re suffering from one or the other, coaching can help you understand and deal with your high sensitivity in order to use it to your benefit.

When you transform your high sensitivity into your strength…

You are able to use your overflowing creativity, explore subjects that interest you without losing yourself, connect with others and feel confident, contribute your lucidity and ideas without fear of rejection, use your capacity for empathy to support those around you without feeling drained of your own energy, use your intuition to make quick decisions without getting caught up in the mind, and finally, assume your need for solitude and reconnection with nature with ease.

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